Geography Trainer

Geography Quiz

With the Geography Trainer app for iPhone & iPad you can improve your knowledge on geography in next to no time.

The app includes 9 different lessons:

  • Countries: Top 25 (free)
  • Asia
  • Western Asia
  • Europe
  • North Africa
  • South Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Federal Countries of Germany

Get started right away: After downloading the app, you can begin to learn directly—with no need to register.

Geography Trainer facilitates effective and optimal learning: The lessons begin with a knowledge test, after which the app saves your existing knowledge and repeats countries you already know less frequently, while repeating questions you have answered incorrectly more often.

The high-quality interactive map of the 3D globe as well as photos of every country invite you to learn and browse: information about a country and its corresponding Wikipedia article with a lot of additional information are only a click away.

The app has been offered, continually improved, and further developed by me, Ralf Ebert, since mid-2012. I have been enthusiastic about travelling and far-away countries for as long as I can remember.

I invite you to give the app a try, and I look forward to helping you improve your knowledge of geography.